Do you realize that in America there are about 100,000 divorces every month? To break that down further, it averages 3,287 per day, or 137 per hour. This may sound overwhelming, but it is reality. Why? That is a difficult question.

I believe a secret to the cure for divorce may be found in the idea of "talking with one another." Can you remember back to the time when you were dating? You couldn't wait to call your girlfriend or boyfriend, and when you saw them you wanted to stay, and stay, and then when you finally had to leave, you got back home and called them up and talked some more. When you got married, it seemed this method of behavior reached a climax, and communication began to end. We must open the lines of communication in our marriages. We must not take our spouse for granted, but take time to talk, and turn off the TV. An author stated, "Communication is to marriage as blood is to the body."

In marriage counseling that I have done over the years, I have found a pattern with the couples. Communication was usually an area that needed to be worked on in most of the relationships. One of the individuals is normally saying, "Talk to me", and the other clams up. Where are you?
We need to be sensitive and caring as we strive in our relationships to take time to talk and share meaningfully with one another.
-- author unknown

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