The Church In The City


by: Rick Woodall

They sing of a church in the wildwood,
the most wonderful place in the dale.
But,  I know a church in the city
where humbleness and sacrifice prevail.

It's a place where your not disappointed
by life's worldly pleasures of greed.
A place where we follow the Bible
and reach out by planting the seed.

It's made up of God's chosen people
who want to be one with the Lord.
A people who know disappointment
and hold on to God's golden cord.

When we all get together in heaven -
what a wonderful site to behold.
For it wasn't our own dim perfection.
The Lord paid the price for the fold.

They try to be all that they can be -
and they sometimes give you a smile.
With a song in their hearts as they journey.
Knowing the meaning of God's second mile.

I have been a part of their kindness.
And all of the Love they possess.
It's the best Church in the city.
Come see if your life is a mess.

You won't be judged or committed
to a stereotype kind of fault.
You'll be met with great expectation
and find the savior you sought.

As you travel down life's weary pathway -
you're searching for a place to belong.
Come to the church in the city
and listen to the words of the song.

Oh! Come to the church in the city
the most wonderful place you could sail.
For it's made up of wonderful Christians,
Who live by the Lord's springing well.

Rick Woodall worships at the Metro Church of Christ; Sterling Heights, Michigan.
This poem was originally written for that congregation, but you can apply it to yours.

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