Will Your Anchor Hold?


Carolyn Elliott

One summer, our family took a vacation on a houseboat on Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. It was a very beautiful way to take a vacation - floating on the lake was calm and serene - the surroundings were beautiful - life was easy and good!

During the days, we would cruise around the lake, maybe do a little fishing for dinner. We would search for private little coves where we could lower our anchor for awhile and take a swim.

At night we would find one of these private coves and drop our anchor for the night. The anchor was so heavy it sometimes took two of us to manage it. We would lower it until it grabbed the bottom of the lake and we knew we were safe and stable for the night. Once anchored, we would grill our fish for dinner, maybe take one more swim and then watch the moon rise high over the lake - calm - beautiful - God's magnificent creation.

On Wednesday of our vacation week, the skies turned cloudy. It wasn't raining but there was a breeze beginning to blow. We found our cove and dropped our anchor for the night. We had found a secluded cove and felt we were safe even if it did "blow up a storm." After all, no little wind was going to budge that heavy anchor!

After dinner, the family gathered on the top deck with our Bibles and song books to have our "Wednesday night Bible study." We sang one song and the rain started. The wind picked up and we decided we had better go below. We were no more gathered around the galley table than the wind really began to
blow, and it really began to rain, and the boat began to rock - gently at first - but as the skies darkened and the storm gathered speed, it really began to rock. It was dark and the rain and wind were pounding but we could see enough to see that the boat was moving! It was being blown by the storm into the shore. The anchor was not holding! We started the engine and began to "drive" the boat toward the center of the lake to keep from crashing into the shore - only we weren't moving toward the lake. Running the motor at full speed was barely keeping us away from the shore; the wind was so strong, the anchor was virtually useless.

Finally, the winds slowed and the rains became steady instead of driving. The worst of the storm had passed. The anchor grabbed us once more and made us secure. We killed the engine and breathed a sigh of relief. We were more than happy to sit down and say prayers of thanksgiving that we were safe once again. This time we sang every song in the book about anchors, storms, tempestuous seas, or struggling seamen. (There are a lot of them - you would be surprised!)

It was then that I really thought about the words to these songs and understood how to apply them to my Christian life. Will my anchor hold in the storms of life? We have an anchor in Christ that will hold us through any storm. We, as Christians, are blessed with a hope and a calm that surpasses any possible storm the world can throw at us.

"Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;" Hebrews 6:19

Carolyn Elliott
Mechanicsville, VA

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