In my backyard there is a clothesline supported by metal posts. The line is nylon and tied through an eyebolt at each post. This spring I saw a sparrow sitting at the end of the line by the frayed nylon knot desperately tugging on the nylon fibers in search of nesting material. The nylon would not break. He repeatedly returned, determined to get that thread.

Taking pity on the bird, I took some string and cut it into small lengths and draped it on the clothesline next to the knot. Later I saw the bird once again tugging mightily on the knot while all the while the string flapped right next to him.

How often do we ignore God's gracious gifts to us because we are determined to have it our way. If we are intent on God's will rather than our own, we may see unexpected blessings right before us that we overlooked before.

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