Denis Waitley

In ancient Rome, sculpting was a popular profession. The culture
flourished with statues, as nearly every public and private building had
numerous "gods" represented. The market was flooded with sculptors, so
quality was sometimes lacking. Less qualified craftsmen would cover their
errors with wax, and frequently the customer could not see the flaw. To
compensate for this practice, authentic sculptors would mark their statues
with the word SINE CERA-- "without wax."

Today we frequently use the same
term to close letters: "Sincerely." As Christians we are called to live
authentic lives. Many churches have become showcaases for saints rather than
hospitals for sinners. It is time we started giving God and others a life
that is SINE CERA.
--FAMILY NEWSLETTER, 9th Ave. church of Christ, Haleyville, AL

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