Savor The Moment



-James C. Guy

The other day, I was leaving the hospital after visiting one of our members. In the courtyard / park next to where I was parked, there was a beautiful squirrel, bushy tail, deep red color, and kinda cute as he sat on his hind legs eating the nut in his front paws. Don't get me wrong....I am a hunter. I kill and eat deer, squirrel, coon, and whatever else. But, I still have a "soft side" for God's beautiful, and sometimes "cute" creation.

This picture was so postcard-like on the dark green grass that I immediately grabbed for my cell phone, struggled to remember what seems like hundreds of key sequences to activate the camera, pointed it at the squirrel only to notice it was too far. So I went through many more sequences to find the zoom. The screen said "zoom not available in full mode." So I had to press more buttons to choose a lesser quality setting, then it would zoom, I may have guessed....only to the size of the original "full mode."

Finally, after deciding I would give up on sharing the picturesque scene with others, I put my phone down and looked to just enjoy the squirrel...who now was no longer looking so cute, and had moved behind a tree where he could hardly be seen.

Then I often in our modern, technological, electronic world do we try so hard to CAPTURE a moment that we end up failing to SAVOR the moment?

It's great to share God's moments through the SOMETIMES wonderful technology of pictures. But, I would encourage us to sometimes put the camera down, at least long enough to savor what God is showing us.

Psalms 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Obviously, this is not "THE squirrel"

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This article first appeared in Jamesí blog HEY U GUYS

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